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Anonymous asked: It wasn't necessary to make that last ask public, even if you don't like the girl for whatever reasons. Personal problems like that should remain the two of you, not made public for everyone to see. It's actually disgraceful to see something like that from a person like you. I had faith that you'd finally taken a step in the right direction but you clearly haven't. I really hope that you realise how silly you seem right now. If you want people to know that you're happy, write a personal post.

Before you make the assumption that was my intention, it wasn’t. I’m only on Tumblr on my phone and I forget to slide the switch sometimes.

I don’t require to make a personal post in regards to how I feel. Those that are in my life are aware.

Before sending anonymous asks, I’d suggest you think first. You don’t know the situation between her and I. If you know me personally I am more than happy to talk about this off anonymous.

I’m working my way towards where I want to be. If you dislike the way I am approaching it or respond to people, you clearly don’t have much faith in me because you made a judgement on me before clarifying.